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Dime Que No


A couple weeks back, pinkuchama mentioned it would be interesting to see other people adding to The Nonseries. And lo and behold, what should pop up on my shuffle the next morning but a song by Ricardo Arjona, the guy who inspired “Te Conozco”. He writes all my StarX anthems, apparently.

A bit of naughtiness below the break, but nothing explicit.

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Guys, you need to read this. Newest installment to the Nonseries. encontrasuya just gave this a TON of depth… It’s… Okay, I read the first paragraph on my phone, had to drive, but ultimately just pulled over in an empty parking lot to finish. I’m still sitting in my car saying you guys need to read this right now if you’ve been following all the starx stuff. 8O

It… made my heart race. Lovelovelove all the anecdotal details. Oh my god…

writing4evah asked:

I see A LOT of Red X fanart on your blog (not just the comic), and I was wondering who you believe Red X is. In actuality, and/or who you hope it is.

Originally I didn’t think it was Jason Todd, and thought it was [redacted because WE INTEND TO FINISH TTX, SORRY D8], but as time has passed I honestly prefer it to be open-ended.  I don’t ever want to know.  There are theories I like more than others (and really that’s based on the associated fanwork being believable/good), and let’s be real I draw him based on personal preferences (black-haired guyssss DX) but my favorite thing about Red X has become the range of what he is to people, and his being so cunning that nobody’s gonna know unless he lets them. Removing the mystery would probably ruin it for me.