pg-chan replied to your photo “A 30-minute, super-primitive version of something more epic that I…”

I love how centered the image is, how balanced with static movement X3 I also love how you remember to give her curves. Too many make Raven skinny/lanky.

Haha, I think it has a lot to do with the how much like those lyrics sound like an incantation, so the focus is, like, spell-casting?  I thought, maybe her body shouldn’t be trying to do a lot since the magic is more important.  But ugh, oh man, oh man, I look at it, and it’s just not as intense as I picture it, and part of it is how it’s all right, it’s centered so it’s aggressive and gets by, but her expression is so sedate.  NEEDS MOAR MAGIC

(Plus, I think I flinch a little when the best thing I can come up with is a center composition, just because we actually get a lot of shit for relying on centered subjects too much in the our department.  Even though I believe centering her is best for this pic. X| )

pg-chan replied to your photo “Crap, I did the Raven one so I wanted to bust out the Starfire one I…”

Hee X3 Most make Star the sexy one and Rae more sedate. I like how in yours Rae’s focus was her form and Star’s is her aggressive punch OUT, her bold stance.

Haha, I didn’t even mean for them to be companions or related (maybe they won’t be after finish, but who knows/cares if it matters).  I even want to pull back on this pose so we just see her silhouette as she’s friggin’ eye-blasting EVERYTHING INTO A CRISP, like if she were fighting something Death Star-sized hanging over Jump City, but this one’s just style over substance, who even knows yet. 8);;;

P.S. (I think I can pair like every Janelle Monae song to some Titans-related stuff, TBH)

P.P.S. NO, self, stop stop stop stop thinking of every song systematically, stop it right now, do not proceed shit shit shit…

Haha! After our drawing sessions at the courthouse today our teacher took us out for margaritas and guacamole; this is the second time an illustration teacher at this school has fed us/bought us booze, art school is awesome.